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    We would like to thank Dr. Pelin Karamik with our whole family, she has provided me and my sister with an amazing treatment, at the very beginning she showed us a detailed plan of what has to be done and all of the prices, she was very approachable and kind to answer all of our question and take care of my sister at the last minute. Very good, professional and friendly service, we all enjoyed it very much.

    Alan Baychorov


    Staff are very professional, polite and helpful. they are very sensitive about appointments and they are very careful about hours, especially for patients coming from abroad. I am very happy to have found this clinic and to be treated here.

    Malwina BLICHARZ

    4 December 2017

    I would like to thank Dr. Mete Dalbeler, Dr. Neslihan Türker and Dr. Ali Osman Maviş. To find a combination of three highly skilled physicians and getting treated by them is a great blessing for us, as patients. I wish you continued success.

    Melek Yeşim KURUOĞLU

    11 October 2018

    Dr. Deniz and Dr. Sermin are both experts on their own area of specialty and are very hospitable. They managed to make me feel home and comfortable during the whole course of my treatment. Thank you so much for giving me peace of mind.

    Seyhun YAMANEL

    13 July 2018

    Thank you so much for every service you’ve provided for my teeth. Dr. Emine and Prof. Dr. Ulku have delivered a result that I have never imagined. I can never forget how they cared for my teeth. I am really happy with my teeth. I would also like to thank other friends who contributed to the success of my treatment. 

    Osman ŞAHAN

    August 26, 2018


    What is Bruxism?

    Bruxism is the grinding and clenching of the teeth that occurs during sleep and waking hours. It is an activity that has a devastating effect on the chewing system. Bruxism may be caused by psychosocial factors such as stress and genetics, or by external factors such as smoking.

    Damages caused by Bruxism

    • Teeth wear
    • Fractures on teeth, restorations, and implants
    • Pain in teeth and chewing muscles
    • Difficulty in opening the mouth
    • Pain or sensitivity in the jaw joint
    • Loss of jaw bones and periodontal tissues
    • Increase in muscle volume in chewing muscles
    • Displacement of the jaw joint.

    The problems caused by bruxism arise as a result of the application of more force than the physiological structures can. In healthy individuals, the teeth come in contact only during swallowing, chewing, and pronouncing certain letters. On the other hand, teeth contact occurs in bruxists when the teeth are in closed position and during forward-back and right-left movements of the jaw.

    What are the Symptoms of Bruxism?

    You may be experiencing bruxism if you experience any of the following symptoms;

    – Rhythmic contractions of jaw muscles

    – Teeth grinding that makes your sleep partner feel uncomfortable

    -Tight and painful jaw muscles

    – Prolonged facial pain

    – Damaged teeth, broken fillings, and gum wounds

    – Headache

    – Swelling in the lower jaw due to pressure

    How is Bruxism Treated?

    If bruxism is caused by stress, therapy or relaxation techniques can help eliminate this problem. In addition, the following treatment methods are applied according to the patient’s condition and level of bruxism.

    • Nightguard
    • Replacing faulty old fillings and crowns
    • Muscle relaxant medication
    • Stress therapy
    • Electroshock therapy
    • Good sleep habits
    • Surgical operation


    If you are experiencing teeth grinding or clenching, you can book an appointment with Aydınlar Dental specialist using the form below. For further details, you can check our frequently asked questions, or you can send us your message using the same form.